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Created by Anonymous on 18.08.2009 13:22:58

Hi Julian,

do sessionScope vars also work across databases (during the same session of course)?

Created by Julian Buss on 18.08.2009 13:44:10


Created by Anonymous on 24.08.2009 14:03:23

...but I do not receive data, when retrieving them from within another database...

Created by Anonymous on 18.12.2010 21:58:53

Bug or feature? sessionScope is local for every NSF. Also applicationScope has key based on NSF path, so differrent URLs to the same app lead to different applicationScope storage. (tested on 8.5.2)

Created by Julian Buss on 29.12.2010 11:51:25

feature! (from my point of view :-) ).

ApplicationScope means by it's name that it's per application. And since sessionScope is lower than applicationScope, it has to be per application, too.

Created by Daniel on 13.07.2011 12:43:15

Can you explane me the difference from ViewScope and RequestScope? ViewScope exist only when I have Views Domino?

Created by Erin Woods on 20.07.2011 10:10:40

ViewScope is as long as the focus is on the Xpage (the xp:view)

RequestScope is as long as an action (in which the RequestScope is set) takes place, soon as you click enter a tab or your code continues with something else, it is lost.

Created by rodimus on 05.05.2012 17:04:47

How to set the sessionscope's parameters in agent? Use session???

Created by Julian Buss on 14.05.2012 08:53:04

in an agent you don't have access to scoped variables