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Created by Anonymous on 24.09.2009 20:37:05

noteData.getColumnValues()[1} <-- last brace should be square bracket.

Created by Julian Buss on 12.10.2009 09:47:39

corrected - thanks!

Created by Anonymous on 04.06.2010 07:14:41

Created by Jan Krejcarek on 28.05.2012 15:39:41

Hi, the CDATA part in header and footer facet should be ]]> - a square bracket is missing after CDATA word...

Created by Jan Krejcarek on 28.05.2012 15:41:16

Ha! the full quotation has been removed, trying again with spaces...: ] ] >

Created by XPage wonderer on 29.11.2012 08:53:16

Too bad setting the footer element via a facet does not work with the addRows control from the extension library. I still have to settle with a div inside a ul.

Created by Chandru on 14.01.2014 07:33:35

How to validate a the controls present in a repeat control using client side Java script? Any idea or Work around for this scenario?

Created by test on 24.03.2014 18:08:08