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Created by Dwain A Wuerfel on 28.06.2011 01:05:54


This is great information and would be even more helpful to developers like myself that are new to xPages, SSJS, CSJS, etc. to have an example of how you would implement this in the xpage source code or the xpage itself

Created by Milind Apte on 26.07.2011 16:50:28

Is there any working example for this? I tired implementing it but failed.



Created by Bernd Hort on 13.11.2012 11:38:29

In 8.5.3 XSP.partialRefreshPost(id); will throw an error. If you don't need any options just pass an empty object: XSP.partialRefreshPost(id, {});

Created by Steve in NYC on 13.12.2012 18:45:15

This is almost a year and a half after two of you asked for examples, but I haven't found any working examples out there yet. To be clear, it is to call multiple partial refreshes in SSJS, NOT CSJS! Has anyone had it resolved yet?


Created by Alex Elliott on 21.12.2012 01:46:32

This article is titled 'Work with events and partial or full refresh' but only covers partial refresh events. Full refresh events don't seem to be covered at all.

Created by fdgdfgdg on 29.11.2013 14:08:47


Created by gdgdg on 29.01.2014 11:38:31


Created by deded on 24.06.2014 13:04:55


Created by asdfas on 26.06.2014 22:44:11


Created by Your Mom on 26.06.2014 22:44:29

Why have you disappointed me with this example?

Created by Vivek on 19.01.2016 18:12:10


We get the below error from an xpage after one hour of execution (say button click and its running an excel report which takes more than 65 minutes to run)

An error occurred while updating some of the page.

Unable to load /xxx/xxx/xxx/xxxx.nsf/xxxx.xsp?$$ajaxid=view%3A_id1%3A_id2%3A_id4%3xxxPanel status:12002

Kindly help!