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Created by Anonymous on 27.08.2009 14:50:55

Hi, can you upload files with more than 1024 kb in all of my XPages I did not manage to to that.

Kind regards David

Created by Julian Buss on 10.09.2009 20:56:44

I think so... but I tested that recently on Domino 8.5.1 (not available yet), I don't know how it's like in 8.5.0.

Check out the application properties -> xpages tab, there you can set a limit for uploaded files.

Created by Anonymous on 17.09.2009 12:40:36

Is there a workaround to rename uploaded files?

Thank you in advance


Created by Anonymous on 21.09.2009 08:30:04

I have not been able to increase the file download size either. I get an error page immediately after calling the saveDocument action with larger files.

Created by Julian Buss on 12.10.2009 09:48:51

we'll have to check that with 8.5.1 again

Created by Julian Buss on 12.10.2009 09:49:13

none I'm aware of, but I believe it works in 8.5.1

Created by Anonymous on 02.01.2010 14:34:04

1024 is the default, set manually a larger value.


Created by Anonymous on 26.08.2010 08:11:02


I have 3 file upload control and one file download control in a xpage and bind it to a richtext field in a form , added a button with the simple action "Save Document" in xpage.

first I have uploaded 3 files and click the save button.

then I have deleted all the attachments using the delete option in file download control.and I clicked the same save button again.

then i am again uploading all the attachments and click the save button.

I am getting the error "Error while saving the document".......

can u help me with this.

Created by Anonymous on 31.08.2010 01:36:08

Hi Julian, hope you can help.

I've set my app to allow 10 MB file uploads via Application Properties (8.5.1).

I've got my file upload control on a dijit.dialog & it creates a new doc w/attachment on save. I need to display an error msg to user if their upload fails/will fail because file is too large. I don't think using the standard display error control works too well because all validation needs to be client-side on the dijit.dialog (I can't remember, but that's what I've ended up with for the rest of my validation) & I don't want to have alert boxes for my errors. At any rate, I tried binding a display error control to the file upload control & it doesn't display any errors (even alerts) if the file's too big -- I get a IE Connection error page instead. Is the file size available client-side so I can code my own error validation? Or ???



Created by Anonymous on 20.12.2010 13:09:12

Hi Julian,

Do you know if the bug in the download control are solved in varsion 8.5.2? I canĀ“t get it to work... :-(

Created by Julian Buss on 29.12.2010 11:50:59

yes, as far as I know it is resolved in 852.

Created by Anonymous on 24.01.2011 12:57:08

hi.. is it possible to view the uploaded image file in the same page.. im try to find it, will u pls heip me to find that....

Created by Shruti on 15.02.2012 10:06:11

I need to allow user to upload multiple attachement and Created On date should be the actual attachment creation date & time.

When I used file download control , it shows the first attachment attached date for all attachments.

Can anyone help?

Created by barry on 28.02.2012 14:33:11

I am able to upload photo files and attach to my document. I just need to know how to be able to go back and view the documents and the attached photo files. Can anyone help?

Created by Kate on 30.05.2013 04:24:00

Hi, I can upload the photo file with special characters. But In the view, some of the special characters change to underscore (eg. {#[ to _ ) , some are not (like space,+). When using the function attachmentObject.getName() , I can get the original file name with special characters. Therefore I got a problem when i get back that kind of file. Is there any suggestion for me?? Thank You.

Created by Chandru on 14.01.2014 07:25:00

Did any one how to validate a file upload control in xpages? I tried using the default validation, but its not working for me. Any idea is much appreciated?