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Created by Anonymous on 02.03.2011 21:14:40

Hi, Typeahead doesn't seam to be working with oneUI. Is there a trick to it? I changed the id of the text field. In the same database I created a blank xpage and copy and pasted the edit text field to this new page and it works. I'm using static value list just to see if it works. Once I use the oneUI them, it does not work.

Created by Anonymous on 07.03.2011 22:06:56

I have the same issue with OneUI. In the same database, I created a XPage with no theme, static list of values, and tested successfully. Copy and pasted that text field into another XPage using OneUI Theme and it did not work?

I tried changing the style and class and other attributes to make it not use oneUI but nothing worked.

- Slobo