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Created by Anonymous on 05.06.2009 11:03:16

I've used Dojomino in other web projects, which means the Dojo frameworks are in a Domino database. Has anyone worked out how to use a resource from a different Domino database?

I have modified some Dojo elements, and having a Domino database template makes deployment easier, so I would prefer to use that format.

Any thoughts would be welcomed.

Paul Withers

Created by Julian Buss on 28.07.2009 11:23:32

Paul, starting from 8.5.0, Dojo is delivered with the Domino server and all Dojo files are in the Domino's data directory.

So you don't need to care about that anymore :-)

Created by Anonymous on 26.08.2009 14:31:01

What are your thoughts on how Domino will continue to upgrade to a newer Dojo releases? Dojo is now 1.3.2 but Domino supports 1.0. I am using R7 servers with Dojo 1.3.2 and wondering how Domino will keep up with new releases of Dojo?

Created by Julian Buss on 10.09.2009 20:56:15

yes, they will. Domino 8.5.1 contains Dojo 1.3.x

Created by Anonymous on 24.10.2009 12:34:35

Q1: Is it possible to disable dojo totally from an xpage and use jQuery instead?

Q2: how can I disable all the default css loaded from an xpage

Q3: what is best practice to include dojo based js scriptlibrary on a xpage

Created by Julian Buss on 25.10.2009 00:18:52

Q1: no

Q2: don't know any way to do that, perhaps via custom theme

Q3: xpage -> all properties -> resources -> include new dojo resource

Created by Anonymous on 13.12.2010 18:15:15

Is it possible to place an Xpage in edit mode using CSJS? It seems to me that the problem with using dialogs to edit fields on an xpage can be worked around if I can put the page in edit mode then call the dialog.

Created by Julian Buss on 29.12.2010 11:52:41

yes, pretty simple, actually. Create a xp:button which sets the doc to editmode, give the id of for example "seteditmode". Add the property style="display:none" to the button.

In CSJS you can then use something like: dojo.byId("#{id:seteditmode}").click()

Created by Anonymous on 15.01.2011 10:16:26

How do I use dojo 1.5.0 on Domino 8.5.2 on a single application?

Created by Julian Buss on 19.01.2011 08:13:27

I believe there is a documentation for that in the FileSendr projekt on OpenNTF - download it at OpenNTF and have a look there.

Created by Anonymous on 05.04.2011 21:39:05

Stupid question here:

On "Use a panel as dijit Dialog" Step 4 is that passthru hmtl?? where do you enable?

Created by Xls on 19.07.2011 23:39:01

How do I add this to my view, since the viewColumn id is always the same, I actually want to show a picture of the person on mouse-over in a people view (data source view).

Created by Alex Elliott on 26.11.2012 01:34:56

Great article but I never knew about the 'onlick' event.

Does this event fire off each time you lick the screen? ;)

Created by Julian Buss on 24.01.2013 19:43:04

'onlick'... LOL... fixed, thanks Alex.

Created by Johny on 14.11.2013 09:09:47

How to use dojo 1.6 on server 8.5.1 (dojo 1.3.2)?

Created by Bhardwaj on 28.11.2013 08:33:01

Any one help me for this issue... How to use dojo 1.6 on server 8.5.1 FP3