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Created by Anonymous on 18.01.2011 23:47:12

Thank you very much. With the DbLookupArray function you saved me a lot of time and I get caching for free :-)

Created by Julian Buss on 19.01.2011 08:13:08

thanks, you're welcome :-)

Created by Meat on 25.07.2012 15:37:32

wow thats great

Created by Missing brackets on 06.09.2012 16:21:21

In the @DbLookup example, you forgot brackets in @DbName()...

It could be misleading for someone.

Created by Vivek on 03.01.2013 14:22:03

How do auto populate values from view in Computed fields of x pages by taking one value as key

Please provide the code for the same incase it is available