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Created by Anonymous on 08.07.2009 10:12:06





or it will not work....

Created by Julian Buss on 28.07.2009 11:25:22

done, thanks!

Created by Anonymous on 30.07.2009 20:30:15

So what I find confusing about this page is what computer language these examples are written in. For example in the "converting a string to a number" it says that "getComponent(..).getValue() returns a java.lang.string" but this looks like JavaScript, not Java.

Suggestion: At the top or on each snippet, as approprate, place some information to qualify the code.

A. Where is this code executed: client or server?

B. What language are they in: Java, JavaScript, XPage markup, @ formula?

Another question: some of these snippets have a "return" but do not appear to be inside a subroutine. Is the "return" necessary or would it be better to leave it off of the example?

Thanks for a helpful web site.


Created by Julian Buss on 11.08.2009 10:20:58

regarding language: normally it's JavaScript. Sometimes combined with @formulas. And somethings even combined with Java. :-)

In Xpages, you cannot say "this is JavaScript" or "this is Java" because it's all mixed:

- You use @formulas in server side javascript since @formulas are only shortcuts to equivalent javascript methods

- You can use backend java code from server side javascript since all the server side javascript is translated into java in the backend

That may be confusing at first. But if you know that, it's very cool and offers endless possibilities :-)

Created by Anonymous on 21.09.2009 08:40:05

RE: Get an URL parameter

What about when there is something like & or another HTML entity in the query string?

Created by Julian Buss on 12.10.2009 09:48:07

don't know. not tested :-)

Created by Anonymous on 09.09.2010 17:18:43

I don't think that the Reload a XPage every x seconds works in the client, works well on the web, thanks, Sean Cull

Created by Eric T on 24.09.2012 15:29:09

The link for sequential number via ssjs is pointing to an incomplete blog article with the actual code cut off. I could not leave a comment nor was there a link to contact the author.


Created by Randal Oulton on 29.11.2012 02:20:22

The link provided for sequential numbering isn't useful, as that blog post is truncated, lol. (And yes, Eric T. no way to contact aside from twitter.)

The reposted code by the author Declan Lynch is here, and it works:

Created by Sean Haggerty on 06.02.2013 22:16:07

Another way to convert string or String to number is to multiply the variable by 1

someVariable*1 =numeric_someVariable

Created by Broken link to Declans Blog on 29.10.2013 12:56:19

Link to Declans Blog is not working.