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Created by lazy on 10.01.2012 09:54:36

hello,does it work when content contans chinese? I test it with the chinese ,it returns unreadable code,what's the reason

Created by Y'may need something other than utf-8 charset? on 01.03.2012 14:20:14

As I remember, chinese is not included in UTF-8

Created by shafi on 17.06.2014 16:23:17

Thanks its very useful.

Created by Ragini on 10.07.2014 06:26:05

Hai when i importing excel file,the duplicate values from excel are getting import many to solve tis prob?

Created by erdem on 21.07.2014 08:58:44

hi, can i export excel file without a view?

i want to export file on xpage's fields. i have no view