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Created by Anonymous on 20.05.2009 00:38:46


Created by Anonymous on 04.06.2009 09:58:45

Yes correct.It think It should be XSP.

Created by Anonymous on 16.09.2009 14:20:53

I noticed that when i create a response document, the view in the picklist doesn't have any content. Is there a solution for this problem?


Created by Julian Buss on 12.10.2009 09:49:42

perhaps a wrong setting in the Notes view properties... there is a setting "show response document in a hierarchiy", that has to be turned off.

Created by Anonymous on 20.10.2009 10:31:33

unfortunately that isn't the cause. but thanks for your answer

Created by Beau Schless on 21.07.2011 18:05:42

when setting up the library

dialogWidget = new dijit.Dialog( { }, dojo.byId(id));

returned an error