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Created by Javid Noutash on 02.06.2013 13:52:11


I am very new to xPages.

As you ordered in this tutorial, I've created a xPage, set its Rendered property to "false" and pasted the above code in my xPage's source.

I've put my view name in the getView() function. My View has four columns so that I've deleted the last of "output..." as well as the last of "writer...". Then I created another xPage and added a button in it. In the button event I added a simple action to open my coded xPage. When I view my xPage and click on its button, it opens my coded xPage but doesn't export my view... in fact nothing happens.

Could you please help me?!

Created by Eric T on 28.10.2013 16:06:57

Same thing as Javid. Set this export to Excel Xpage configured the same way and get a blank page.

Created by Mahaboob on 16.04.2014 20:27:01

How to convert the notes documents to pdf. If the document has dynamic number of fields, in above example you have hard coded each field.

Created by Michell Rey on 02.05.2014 06:26:03

Thanks for this post.

Is there a way to call this from an XPage and bring the PDF to the user? I tried using the XAgents but I seemed to always get stuck in generating a PDF with all the formatting I need so I wanted to go the Java route instead of Javascript (XAgents). Appreciate your help.

Created by Ed on 02.05.2014 06:31:29

I am new with using Java for Domino. I tried creating an Java agent wit the above code by I keep getting "The import com.lowagie cannot be resolved" in my Java Agent. Any ideas? Thanks!

Created by Using JARs in Agents causes memory leak on 28.03.2016 20:43:11

Using JARs in agents has long been known to cause memory leak issues that can eventually crash the server...

Created by Bartosz on 23.08.2016 08:56:31

Hi, if you are using dataView, you can use jquery plugins to export to xls(problems with new version of excel), or to csv. Better is use csv.

This is my solutions: (generate csv)